How do you add fluid to a Chrysler LeBaron convertible hydraulic motor?

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HYDRAULIC PUMP ASSEMBLY LeBaron Convertible Review the complete service procedure before starting this repair. The convertible top on this model will raise slowly or make abnormal noise if the hydraulic fluid level is low. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the sling well and floor cover from behind the rear seat. Disconnect pump wire connector and ground connection. Disconnect hydraulic lines from the pump assembly. Remove the motor pump assembly from the vehicle. The rubber mounts are pressed and locked into the mounting bracket. Pull up motor assembly to remove. To install: Position the motor assembly in the vehicle. Connect the hydraulic lines to the pump assembly. Attach the pump wire connector and ground connection. Install the sling well and floor cover behind the rear seat. Connect the negative battery cable. Fill the pump reservoir with Dexron$ II, type A, automatic transmission fluid to the bottom of the fill hole.
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Where is the convertible top motor located on a 1995 Chrysler Lebaron?

the simplist way to get to the top motor is to simply remove the back seat by pulling out the bottom piece and unbolting the back rest. there are two bolts located at the bott

How do you replace the convertible top motor on a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron?

If you hear the motor running when you push the button, first try filling the motor with fluid. The motor sits behind the back seat on the right side. I got to it by unsnappin

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1993 Chrysler lebaron?

On the 1993 Lebaron I believe only the 3.0L V6 engine was offeredwith the A604 4sp electronic overdrive transmission. The transmission filler tube is also the transmission dip

How do you add fluid to a Chrysler sebring convertible hydraulic motor?

Convertible top hydraulic motor is located behind the back part of rear seat. First remove bottom cushion of rear seat by pulling up on front side of it. then remove two bol