How do water molecules dissolve in water?

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Water molecules dont necessarily dissolve in water. Because water is a polar molecule, it has a slightly positive and slightly negative side to each molecule. The positive and negative sides of each water molecule are attracted to other positive and negative sides of other water molecules.
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What molecules do not dissolve in water?

Hydrophobic molecules do not dissolve in water. This is because water is hydrophilic. Another way to say this is that lipids, which are nonpolar, cannot dissolve in water, whi

How do polar molecules dissolve in water?

Dissolving is just when water bonds and separates the cation and anion. Water's polarity is the reason why it surrounds each ion and separates it from the oppositely charged

What are molecules that do not readily dissolve in water?

A general rule when determining the solubility of one substance into another is to look at their polarity. If both substances are polar they tend to be soluble with each-other

Do hydrophobic molecules dissolve in water?

Hydrophobic liquids like oil will not dissolve in hydrophilic liquids like water. They are "immiscible," meaning they won't form a homogeneous solution if you mix them. In

How are molecules dissolved in water?

The molecules soluble in water if they form hydrogen bond with water.Hydrogen bond forms between hydrogen atom and another electro negativity atom of the another molecule then