How do they pick Ryder Cup matches?

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For the Foursomes and Fourballs on the Friday and Saturday, 4 teams of 2 golfers are selected from each squad of 12. The captain then selects the order in which he will put them out, both captains do this and submit their starting sheet. Then the captains announce it, and whoever the European captain selected first will play the USA captains' first selction. For the Sunday singles, the captains will order their players 1-12 and whoever the USA chose as no.1 will play the European no.1.
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How is the Ryder Cup captain picked?

There are many factors but the captain has to have a good reputation among fellow golfers and preferably be a former PGA Champion. I'm sure there are other factors at stake as

What course is the Ryder Cup played on?

It is played on different courses, not on the same course likeother golf tournaments. As it is a competition between golfers fromthe USA and golfers from countries in Europe,

How many play in the ryder cup?

Each team consists of 12 players. On Friday and Saturday there is a fourball match (4 teams of two for each team), and a foursomes match (again 4 teams of two for each team),

Where will the 2011 ryder cup be held?

There was no Ryder Cup in 2011.
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How many matches in the ryder cup?

There are four foursomes on Friday and four fourball better balls, so 8. Then the same on Saturday, so another 8. Then twelve singles matches on the Sunday. 28 matches in tota