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How do the skeletal and muscular systems work?

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The skeletal system has a few important jobs. One is to keep us from becoming blobs of human tissue similar to jellyfish but without the water. The other is to protect vital organs such as our brains, heart, lungs, liver. But they have another role which is to create a form on which everything else can be put onto. This is where the muscles come in. The muscles hold all of our organs into place and take our frame of bones and make the bones work to things we want to do as long as our bones and muscles are strong enough. But the muscles are controlled by nerves which run all throughout every bit of our body from the brain. How the nerves get from the brain to the lower part of the body is through the hollow core in the spine which is a major part of our skeletal system. When a person suffers a severe injury to some part of their back, they might lose control over some of their muscles because the nerves are damaged.
I have taken care of a person who was a good man who took care of poor kids and families before his car accident that injured his mid back. He could not use his lower legs or have control over his bladder functions. For months I took care of him like family. Changed his diaper, tended to his needs, made sure he ate, stocked his refrigerator, did his dishes, cleaned his house, drove him to his doctors appointments. All the while I just had a cordial smile and called him Sir so he knew someone still gave him respect in this world.... Shawna
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