How do the funeral home dress a body?

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The presentation of the deceased is a process provided by funeral directors to help survivors have a positive and endearing final memory picture of their loved one in silent repose.

On some occasions, family members may prefer that their loved one not be dressed in their general clothing, preferring to use collections offered by the funeral director. This can range from a simple, yet lovely shroud or dressing gown available in different styles and colours. Or it can extend to everything from every-day attire, such as sporting outfits, or day suits, to formal attire such as cocktail or evening dresses and dinner jackets.

The funeral director takes great care in the dressing of the loved one, dressing them just as you might expect to dress someone who is lying prostrate. Adornments such as jewellery, tie, etc., are added at the instruction of the family, as are shoes. At the discretion of the family, arrangements may be made for their loved one to wear their jewellery for the viewing, then removed prior to the sealing of the coffin.

For children, funeral directors often use a favourite piece of clothing or pyjamas, and even sports attire. Professional funeral directors will always ensure the child is presented as beautifully as possible.

In some countries, such as the US, funeral directors arrange for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and even manicurists to prepare the deceased for viewing presentation. In scenarios such as these, it's often that the bereaved feel compelled to purchase the finest attire for their loved one to be displayed in the costly and often extravagant coffins (caskets) they've purchased.
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