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How do solar flares affect communication?

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A solar flare is a huge explosion that occurs on the surface of the sun. These explosions emit large amounts of radioactive material into space that can find its way to Earth. This radioactive material thrown from the sun during a solar flare can interfere with the magnetic fields of Earth, according to NASA.
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How is the next solar flare going to affect us?

the senter of the earth is a sun flare it is big and long lol jp look some were else. the senter of the earth is a sun flare it is big and long lol jp look some were else. t

How do solar flares affect the Earth?

Solar flares can make communication by radio and telephonedifficult at times. The earth itself is strongly protected by its magnetic field. Whenthere is a great deal of solar

How can solar flares affect Earth?

X-rays and UV radiation emitted by solar flares can affect Earth's ionosphere and disrupt long-range radio communications. Direct radio emission at decimetric wavelengths may

How do solar flares affect people?

They don't affect people directly, but they can disrupt our electronic communications systems, particularly those dependent on satellites.

Can solar flares affect earth's weather?

It can sometimes affect the earths weather as the energetic particles affect the atmosphere and cause auroras and winds. If a potential solar flare was released then it would

Do solar flares affect the ozone layer?

Coronal Mass Ejections however provide hydrogen, which in turn helps degrade ozone when present in the "ozone layer". The sun is the primary contributor though to the healt

What is the affect on earth's atmosphere of a strong solar flare?

nothing at the moment, we are protected by a force field if you like wich surrounds the earth meeting at the polls crated by the core of the earth spinning, this magnetic fiel

How do solar activities such as a sunspots and solar flares affect earth?

Solar flares come from sunspots, and when they are heavy, it is common for television, radio and cell phone use to become problematic to a certain degree (more an annoyance th