How do reset the lock code for an Ipod without the original lock code?

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you reset settings in settings section in the i pod
If you forgot the code:
(Note: I did this in Linux, so you non Linux users might have a little more trouble)

Plug your Ipod into a computer (Dock or Cord)

Access your iPod, find a way to see hidden files (in windows you can via file options, mac... i don't know)

Once you can see a folder called "iPod_Control" enter it

Next you will see a folder called "Devices" Delete it.

Eject your iPod, once you start it up, it will ask you what language you prefer. ohh, and if you put your iPod back in your computer, and go back to iPod_control the folder devices is restored.

Last step, go to screen lock, and put in a new password (or just leave it blank)

Your songs and playlists are still intact :D :D
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If you locked your iPod touch how do you reset it?

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if u have an apple i pod click on tools and u will see it. if you mean get PAST someone elses or your own... ther is no possible way exept guessing

Forgot iPod Nano lock code?

Plug it into the computer and restore factory settings. This deletes everything but you can sync it all again.

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How do reset a locked iPad with out the pass code?

(These instructions can be used to reset any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) Connect your device via USB to your computer Open iTunes On the left hand sidebar, under dev
In iPod

What do you do if your ipod is locked and you forgot the code?

Try this: Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod