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How do republicans feel about social security?

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If they are on it they love it. If they are super rich and will never need it, they love it. If they want to steal from the pool of money to spend it on something else, they love it.
But they don't want to pay for it or give it to people who need it.
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What is Social Security?

Social Security is benefits provided under the Social Security Act  (1935), financed by the Social Security Tax authorized by the  Federal Insurance Contributors Act (FICA)

Is Social Security considered socialism in the sense of not being Republican or Democrat?

No, Social Security is an insurance plan paid into by workers in order to receive payments when they no longer work due to retirement or disability. Republicans and Democrat

How do Republicans feel about national security?

Politically (and simplistically) speaking, the security equation is viewed as: "Security * Rights = c ( constant)" The more rights individual has; the less security. This stat

What is the answer to Social Security?

One way is to close tax loopholes. Another possibility a flat tax with no deductions except for catastrophic events.Reducing benefits for those already receiving SSI is NOT an

What do the Republicans think about social security?

There is evidence that a majority of Republicans believe it should be privatized: most Republicans today say they believe in smaller government, and say that it is not the rol

Who took more money from social security democrats or republicans?

The idea that what we paid in FICA taxes was invested somewhere is just not true. As soon as Congress, and, or the President got it they spent it. They claimed it was really j

Why do republicans think social security benefits should be reduced?

They don't. They, and other fiscal responsibly people, thinks that the annual increase that retirees get should closely match the increases that American wage earner gets. Oth

Why social security?

I will start with the facts and figures. Did you know, 54 million depend on Social Security1 out of every 6 people. About 2 out of 3 seniors depend on Social Security for most