How do intensive farmers control pests?

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the keep them in a acage set up to their own temperatur and etc.
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What is a pest controller?

Pest controller are helpful for controlling the pest and gives pest control solutions. Many services offer pest control features. Pest controller are responsible to remove the

How do farmers controls pests without pesticides?

Pesticides in this group, for example rotenone, pyrethrum, nicotine, neem oil, and all of the botanical pesticides are products of living organisms. Often they are chemicals t

Why do farmers need to control pests?

they might carry harmful diseases,that can infect the other farm animals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What pests do pest control get rid of?

General pest control usually consists of common insects such as roaches, ants, fleas, flies, spiders along with rodents such as mice and rats. Some companies will include othe

When can you control pests?

I assume you mean in the game pest control. You get on the landing barge according to your level and you wait until you have the minimum ammount of players in the barge. then

Should farmers control weeds or pests using chemical?

My opinion is: since the world's population continues to grow at an astronomical rate, I believe it is better to use chemicals and continue to be able to feed all those people

Should farmers control weeds and pests using chemicals?

no . One opinion is stated above. Mine differs in that since the world's population continues to grow at an astronomical rate, I believe it is better to use chemicals and con

How do pest control kill pests?

That all depends on what type of pest you have, where you are located (as some methods are governed by law) and what is the company's common practice. Some jump straight to pe

What pests does pest offense control?

"Pest offense controls lots of different little bugs and small rodents that invade your home. Some insects may include ants,crickets or spiders. It can also work for things li

How are pest controlled?

Pests are controlled using a variety of methods depending on thepest. Whatever method is used, it should always be done using anIntegrated Pest Management approach. This means

What is pest control?

Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest , and can be perceived to be detrimentalto a person's health , the ecology or the eco