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How do humans adapt to their environment?

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By there land features, of course
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How does the human body adapt to its environment?

The human body has several ways of adapting to it's environment.  Specifically, it can regulate it's temperature, adjust to a variety  of different diets, or adjust heart an

How have humans adapted to their environment in Norway?

By adapting to the cold winters by making thick clothes out of warm materials like fur and/or wool. Also spending the summers making solid, well isolated homes and collecting

How are humans adapted to the environment?

we humans are adapted to our environment by changing what we do as a routine, or even how ourselves adapt. For example, when it turns from summer to winter, we would wear diff

How have humans adapted from their environment?

humans have adapted to the environment because we as humans are not protecting are mother land earth. And are wasting natures qualities and beauty by for example: by polluti