How do human fetuses get rid of waste?

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The same way you do, remember they are "floating" in amniotic fluid. This is what their body ingests and processes.
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What are all the ways the human body rids waste?

Exhaling - rids the body of the gases not absorbed by the lungs (carbon dioxide) Sweating(presperation) - Rids excess salts and minerals Urination(pee,urine) - Empties all

How does the human body get rid of waste?

Food is taken into the body through the mouth where the process of digestion begins. It is broken down by the chomping action of the teeth and enzymes in saliva. It then passe
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How do plants get rid of their waste products?

Plants do not excrete waste materials from their cells at all.Instead, plant cells possess an organelle (a cell sized organ)called a Central Vacuole in which the plant cell de