How do glue a fake lip stud on without using super glue?

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You can buy fake percing glue but u can only buy that at a body piercing shop
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How do you get super glue off of your lip?

Your body replaces the outer layer of skin cells every few hours. I once glued electrodes to my the sides of my neck for a Frankenstein Halloween costume. I had to reglue them

What is super glue used for?

super glue is used for when you have to glue something and you want it to glue very firmly and tightly so you have to use this glue unless you totally want it to unglue itself

How do you put fake nails on without glue?

There is a way. Some fake nails come with sticky strips you can buy them at any store in the beauty section,they are surely 2 be right next 2 the fake-nails. all u do is put 1

How do you put on fake nails without glue?

you can buy nails that have a sticky substance on the under-side to where you can simply stick it on your nail without using glue. I use those kind of nails.

What materials can super glue be used on?

paper,felt,cardboard,cloth, sometimes wool :) ANS 2 - Super glue will NOT work effectively on any of the above materials. -Its primary use is on hard, smooth surfaces.

What glue to use to stick on a fake nose stud?

You should use fake eyelash glue. I know that if you buy the Girls Aloud designed Eylure lashes then you get glue free with them. All you need to do is put a tiny dot on the b