How do different liquids affect plant growth?

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All plants need water. However water with chlorine and other chemicals are not good for plants. Water with sugars or starches make some plants grow very well.

Will different liquids affect the growth of plants?

They will. Apple juice in plants won't make the plants die fast, but soda will. Soda will make it turn yellow and die. Milk will make it grow a little but, not as much as wate

How the different temperature affects the growth of a plant?

Water temperature affects plants in a major way. Both high and low temperatures have their advantages/dis-advantages.. High water temps THE GOOD higher level of plant chemic

Can different liquids affect a plant?

Answer . yes. for example, some liquids, the obvious being acid, would kill the plant. a plant needs water to osmose and photosynthesise.

How different liquids effect a plants growth?

Ok,yes if you do water the plants with different liquids the growth of the plants will be different and will effect the plants. Acid will kill the plants, some other liquids l

How do different liquids affect crystal growth?

Crystals are grown for both scientific purposes and for experimentation in labs or science fairs, to demonstrate the various properties of different kinds of crystal formation

How do different liquids affect the plants?

It depends on what types of liquids are used on the plant. Soda may potentially slow growth. Water helps plants grow. Water is the best thing to water a plant.