How do I 97 sebring engine removal?

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place a floor jack under carwith a board between engine and jack raise slightly to take pressure off of the mounts located in engine bay you will have various items to undo cables make sure to mark where they go pull cv joints out this will allow you to drop engine and trans together alot easier to do out of car
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How do you remove an engine starter on a 97 Plymouth Breeze?

Answer . You can remove the starter from the front of the engine. It is relatively simple versus other cars. It is located right in the middle of the engine in the front an

How do you remove the cigarette lighter in a 97 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

Answer . \nIn mine I just removed the actual lighter and set it aside. Then, reach your hand behind the whole thing where the wires connect and disconnect them. There shou

How do you remove a 4.3 vortec engine from a 97 Chevy Cheyenne 4x4 without removing the transmission?

Answer . \nREmove and mark with masking tape all hoses and wires and linkage that connects to the engine. Mark where it came from on the engine with an identical marking f

Brake problems on 97 Chrysler sebring?

Common brake problems on a 97 Chrysler Sebring can be caused byleaks, worn pads, and stuck calipers. Check your brake system asproblems can cause a serious accident.

How do you remove a sebring bumper?

The rear bumper cover is fastened to the car in exactly 9 places. Follow this procedure: . Raise the trunk lid . Remove the three push-in fasteners in the center of the to

How to remove the governor on a Chrysler sebring?

The "governor" on this car isn't a part that can be removed. The vehicle's ECM is programmed to cut the fuel supply once the vehicle reaches a pre-determined speed. For my 200

How do you change the distributor on a 97 sebring convertible?

Mark all of the spark plug wires with their respective cylinder numbers. Remove spark plug wires from distributor. Remove 2 screws that retain distributor cap. Using a paint m