How did the romes location affect its development?

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How did Rome's location affect its development
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How did geography affect the development of Rome?

Rome was built on several Hilltops which made it much easier todefend. The river Tibers also provided a means of transportationand fresh water for the people of Rome.

What were the five legacies left by Rome that affect British development?

Five Roman Legacies were: . One legacy that Rome left behind was: a proconsul or a governor. A proconsul is a legacy because a proconsul is a governor, and we still have

Is India's location affecting it's development?

India's location does not play that big part. It is located at afair location.

How did geography affect where Rome was located?

Rome was located near the Alps and was on a steep hill, so it was tougher for invasions to occur. Rome also wasn't close to the sea, so pirate attacks weren't imminent. What w

How did the Etruscans affected the development of Rome?

Much of the Etruscan culture was infused in early Rome, from their war-like tendencies, their expansionism and their art. You could loosely compare the Etruscan influence on R

How did Romes location affect the development of the capital?

In the early days of Rome the advantages of her location were that she was in a hilly area (Rome was on the Seven Hills of Rome) and people liked to live on hills because they
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How did Romes location affect its development?

Rome'slocation affected it by Romans were far enough from the Tiber Riverto escape raids by sea going Pirates and Rome's location across 7steep hills made it easy to defend ag

How has its location affected Mexico's economic development?

Mexico's location has both helped and hindered its economic development. It has helped Mexico's development because it is strategically located between the Pacific Ocean an