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How did the movie Psycho change America?

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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) has been called The mother of all Slasher Movies, and many would consider it to be the first 'true' slasher film. Psycho paved the way for John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) and the hoards of other films that followed.
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What is the movie psycho about?

its about a guy guy who kills his murderous mom, and he doesn't want to accept it. so he keeps his moms body in his attic and takes on two forms, one him, nice but weird guy,

Why did Hitchcock change the appearance of the Norman Bates character in the movie Psycho?

In the book he was short, fat, and unattractive. Hitchcock decided that he wanted Norman Bates to be tall, slim, and attractive. I would assume this was done so that the audie

Who directed the movie 'Psycho'?

The movie Psycho (1960) was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The remake of Psycho (1998) was directed and produced by Gus Van Zant.

Who were the main characters of the psycho movie?

The original film, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, featured Anthony Perkins in the role of Norman Bates, Janet Leigh(mother of Jamie Lee Curtis) in the role of Marion Crane, Ver