How did new technology add to the destruction during world war 1?

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What impact did new technology have on World War 1?

Tanks, airplanes, machine guns, grenades, and chemical warfare were employed for the first time in World War 1. Because of technological advancements at this time in history

How did new technology affect World War 1?

In 1915, new technology had once again created weapons that were more powerful and deadly than the old ones. For one thing, in April 1915, Germany began using poison gas as a

What was some new technology used in World War 1?

gas was used as a weapon that choked and blinded the enemy. also, airplanes were beginning to be used. artillery, tanks, rifles, and machine guns were weapons used, but I'm no

What New technology that was used in World War 1?

WWI was the beginning of the naval battle between England and Germany and who could get the best battle fleets. \n. Germany was producing large amounts of high tech battle cr

What new technology was created during World War 1?

Poison Gas(Mustard Gas which were dropped from planes on enemy trenches designed to make the eyes tear and itch, throat clog up, eventually die if exposed to long), Machine Gu

What was radio technology during World War 1?

Wireless radio became very popular during WWI as a source of news and entertainment. The invention of the wireless radio and newer smaller radios that were less expensive allo

What new technology devloped in world war 1?

There are several things that were first used in WW1 like submarines, machine guns and fighter planess. The first sub-machine gun was developed during WW1 but the war ended be

What does not represent advances in technology during World War 1?

E2020: U-Boat World War 1 was known as the "War to end all Wars". There were many things within the war which did not represent advances in technology. For instance, digging