How did Hitler and the Nazi supporters use Jews as scapegoats?

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In order to unite a diverse group, a government needs to create a common enemy. By selecting an identifiable subgroup as this common enemy, the Nazi party was able to build an 'Us versus Them' attitude that brought the average man closer to the banner of the Nazi party.

It also encourages the average man to accept the violation of the 'enemy's' rights and creates an atmosphere that allows more and more government abuse to be called 'protection'.

It is a strategy that worked and still works. In recent times the US Government has gotten most of it's citizens to accept blatant violations of our civil rights by manufacturing villains in drug dealers and gangs (in the 80's and 90's) and most recently 'terrorists'.

While each of these groups do exist and do pose some form of threat, the universal response by the government has been to reduce and restrict the individual liberty of the citizen in the cause of reducing the 'threat'.

So far only the liberties of the citizen have been hurt, each 'threat' remains largely unaffected.
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