How did Henry VIII justify his power?

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Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Rome here are some other answers Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England and Europe were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church and wanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, had published an argument that criticised the Pope of tyranny throughout Europe, causing the German reform and although Henry had criticised Luther's arguments, English scholars saw them as valid and believed the Catholic government to be corrupt. Henry VIII believed that he needed a son to make sure that the Tudor dynasty survived. Although he had a son while married to Catherine, it was illegitimate - I . e born out of wedlock - as he had an affair with Elizabeth Blount. The son, Henry Fitzroy, was made the duke of Richmond at the age of 4 - Henry tried to make him heir to the throne outside the traditional methods.
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How did Henry VIII abuse his power?

Henry VIII abused his power as King of England. He essentiallyforced the entire country to abandon their religion and honor himas head of his own church.

Was Henry VIII Powerful?

He was one of the most powerful men in existence during his time. To give you an idea of his power - he told the Pope to go away, closed most churches down and broke England

How did Henry VIII gain power?

Henry gained more power as he gained weight. Also hewas the Head Of The Church Of England, and he had 6 wives(divorced, beheaded and died) Hope This Helps. Love ? x.

Why did Henry VIII need power?

Henry VIII also made himself head of the church because he wanted more power. Even though he was the king he still thought that the Pope had more control over the Church. Ther

Was Henry VIII justified in closing all of the monasteries?

Yes The main reasons being That most monasteries where taking everyone's money by selling bones of sheep, pieces of wood and saying that it's something special and the money d

How did Henry VIII get more power?

Henry wanted to control the church. Since medieval times, there hadbeen struggles over whether priests should obey the Pope or theKing. He said that the Pope no longer had any

How much power did Henry VIII?

Henry VIII ruled as an Absolute Monarch - in simple terms his word was law. He ruthlessly persecuted his political enemies, violently eliminating all opposition.