How did AIDS begin?

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Some monkeys in Africa had a disease (SIV) like AIDS.It was passed to humans when they killed and ate the monkeys for food.Or perhaps when they were cutting up the animals and blood moved to an open wound in the butcher.
The disease then mutated slightly and was then passed on from human to human through sexual intercourse and sharing of contaminated needles.
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How can you get AIDS?

You can get AIDS from your bodies reaction to HIV.

What is 'aiding'?

When a person is aiding someone, they are helping or assisting that person. To aid is to give assistance or be of service to someone, or to improve the condition of something.

How you get aids?

AIDS itself is a classification. The only way to be diagnosed with AIDS is to firstly be infected by HIV the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and the to either have a CD4 cell cou

Where do you get AIDS?

Aids can be got from infection from already infected person through the exchange of bodily fliuds.

Where did AIDS begin?

AIDS is believed to have started in Africa , probably in the 1950s or earlier. . Some monkeys had a disease like AIDS. It was passed to humans when they killed and ate the m

When did AIDS begin?

There were early cases that looked like AIDS in 1959 (UK and US) and 1969 (US). There is some doubt now about these. . In 1976 a sailor in Norway was diagnosed with AIDS, wh

Where is AIDS from?

AIDS comes from the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It is thought that the HIV was from an older virus that mutated to what we call now HIV. Most likely, HIV mutated from