How can you use let off the hook in a sentence?

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It was supposed to be Johnny's turn to set the dinner table, but he had a friend over so he was let off the hook.
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What is to Let off the hook?

To release someone from the obligation to partake in an affair, thus to not be under compulsion to provide assistance or answer questions.

What are the key words to use in a hook sentence?

"did you know...." "have you ever heard about...." "what about blah blah blah blah, do you like that" "what about blah blah blah blah, have you ever heard about him/her/that/t

How do you use let by gone be by gones in a sentence?

It means 'forget the bad things which happened in our past.' "You and I have always fought like cats and dogs over every detail of running the business. I'm prepared to let b

How would you use lets in a sentence?

"Lets" without the apostrophe means either an obstruction or a point in racket sports that needs to be replayed. Examples include: . Because his serve was a let , Tom was