How can you stop cyberbullying?

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There are many pro-active activities and discussions that parents can have with their children in order to avoid incidents of cyberbullying or to address any early signs that it may be happening.
How to protect your child:
  • Talk with your child about netiquette, how to behave and communicate politely over the Internet and other mobile devices. Importantly, teach children to never say something about someone online that they wouldn't say to that person face-to-face. Bullying others, online or in person, is never appropriate behavior.
  • As mostly cyberbullying happens on social networking sites, so be "friend" with your child on these networks
  • Monitor your child's internet activity with an internet monitoring software like Safetyweb (requires no download or installation, thus easy to use) so that you can make sure your child is not involved in such issue and is safe.
  • Make sure your child understands that comments and images posted on the Internet can be long-lasting and have a global audience.
  • Teach your child to keep the passwords to their online accounts private. Create passwords that are a combination of letters and numbers and are difficult to guess. Passwords should not be shared with friends, not even a best friend.
  • Talk to children about how to handle strong emotions, such as anger. It is never appropriate to send a message or post a comment on the Internet when you are angry or emotional.
  • If your child receives an angry or taunting message, teach them to refrain from responding and to tell a responsible adult. Responding to these types of messages could encourage a bully to continue to pick on the victim.
  • Know how much time your child is spending on the Internet and mobile device.
  • Enjoy the Internet with your child. If you are unable to sit down together at the computer, at least know what activities they are doing online. Consider installing parental control software to monitor your child's activities and limit the Web sites that are available.
  • Encourage your local schools to educate the students on cyber ethics and the law.
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