How can you pull out your 12 year old molar without pain?

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you have to but them to sleep or you can put on numbing stuff for 3 mins
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Does everybody have 12 year molars?

I believe you are referring to the second molars. Yes , all men and women have a normal complement of 4 twelve year molars. That's two in the upper jaw and two in the lowe

What are 12 year old molars?

12 year old molars are your second molars, and may cause a lot of pain in the left or right sides of your mouth. You usually get them from the ages 10-12. Some kids may get th
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Can you get your 12 year old molars at the age of eleven?

Yes, your twelve year old molars generally come in at the age of twelve, but for some people as early as 10. Others may only begin getting these molars at age 14. Don't worry,
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How to pull out a loose molar without pain?

wiggle your loose molar back and forth gently until it gets so loose that it comes out. This method is sure to get your tooth out within 1-2 days depending on how long you wig