How can you live with hunters syndrome with no cures?

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How can someone with Hunter's be defined as a mild case when he or she may be producing only 1% of the enzyme needed?
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Is there a cure for Burning Mouth Syndrome?

I had all the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome. My family doctor prescribed a medicine used to treat the chicken pox virus (herpes). Thankfully all may symptoms went away wi

Is there a cure for Morquio's Syndrome?

There is a treatment but no cure. Biomarin is developing an Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Morquio. They are expected to announce Phase 1/2 results shortly and from initia

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Yes! Cowbell is the cure for peter pan syndrome. All you have to do is play the cowbell to the kid and their fish (if they don't have a fish get them one) and they will be cur

What is a cure for restless leg syndrome?

I have suffered with RLS for many years, after many trials of different prescriptions, I am now using an antidepressant called Trazadone, and in the last 3 months I have only

Can temporomandibular joint syndrome be cured?

The prognosis for recovery from TMJ is excellent for almost all patients. Most patients do not need any form of long-term treatment. Surgical procedures to treat TMJ are quite

What are the symptoms of severe Hunter syndrome?

The severe form is associated with progressive mental retardation and physical disability, with most individuals dying before age 15. Males with the mild form of Hunter syndro

What are the treatments for hunters syndrome?

Hunters syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that happens when an enzyme malfunctions or is missing completely. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Hunter's syndrome at this ti
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Can toxic shock syndrome be cured?

TSS lasts as long as three weeks, and has a tendency to recur. About a third of the women who are treated for TSS have it again within six months. In addition, TSS can affect

How can Ehler Danlos Syndrome be cured?

There is currently no cure for it, although many doctors do think that a lot more people have it than there are currently known to be, as Ehlers-Danlos can sometimes be unnoti
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Can they cure mermaid syndrome?

No. The legs being fused together are only part of the condition.Many parts of the body, including major organs, are deformed tomissing. The condition is almost always fatal b