How can you find out if your ex-husband has filed bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcies don't become public record until after they are discharged. Perhaps you could just ask him, or one of his family members. I see no reason why it would be a big secret. If you still have joint debts, you will be notified of the proceedings. Child support, spousal support is not dischargeable in bankruptcies , (in case you were curious).
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If your husband has to file bankruptcy do you have to file with him?

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Your ex filed for bankruptcy What will that do to you?

It will leave you responsible for any joint debts you had with your ex. That includes any arrears prior to the ex filing, attorney's fees, penalties, etc. That will in turn af

How do you find out if a business files bankruptcy?

3 WAYS . If it owes you money it is supposed to notify you . This is to be advertised in the local paper. . The court has public records, you can search these for a small f

How do you find an inexpensive lawyer to file bankruptcy?

Go to your local courthouse, go to the information desk, and ask for the number for legal aid. They'll be able to direct you to a low-cost attorney in your area that handles b