How can you do a WWE wrestling move?

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dont need to run If you want to do what John Cena does for his finishing move( The F.U)this is what you do: 1.You get your opponents leg and grab round. 2.Then,you get your opponents hand and pull him/her onto your shoulders. 3.Then for the final run fast and keep on running then flip your opponent over your head whilest running. 4.Listen to them cry in agony.
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In WWE wrestling how can you tell moves fake and how is it act out?

Of Course We All Should Know By Now WWE Wrestling Is Fake...But Their Good Fakes.Im Not Trying To Put WWE Down.I've Been A BIG Fan Of WWE For Years.But Some Of The Moves That

How do you wrestle in the WWE?

(based on an article i read online) you have to go through a developmental promotion. (examples would be in Florida, tryout for Florida championchip wrestling, or in Ohio, try

Who wrestled in WWE?

lots of men and divas such as Kane rey mysterio hbk hhh batista undertaker maria trish stratus

Which WWE wrestling moves are faked in a match?

Most of them, the sport is an entertainment event. The athletes are as much actors as they are entertainers. Each competitor plays out a pre-written and rehearsed storyline. T