How can you convince a friend that his girlfriend is abusive?

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Your friend is going to see what they want to see; so all you can do is try to convince him the best you can. If he doesn't see what you see then you will just have to let him come around to it on his own.
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How can you convince a friend that she can't 'fix' her abusive boyfriend?

He can be "fixed". I fixed mine. I agree with Lorena, he can be fixed, but not by her. First of all he has to want to be fixed. If he decides he wants to change his abusive w

How can you convince your friend about the misunderstanding about love between him and his girlfriend?

Answer . You didn't go into much detail, but I take it you don't approve of the girl he is going with and don't feel he loves her. Although you may see things in this girl

How can you convince a friend that her husband is an abuser when he controls all the money and she says she has to keep the peace by not talking to friends and family because it makes him angry?

Answer . \nThis woman is living the life of an abuse victim every day. If that doesn't convince her on her own, nothing else will. Abuse victims have more against them th

How do you convince a friend to leave an abusive relationship?

That is a hard question and not the easiest thing to deal with, esspecially if your friend thinks it is their fault or that things are not that bad. Talk to them let them hear

How do you convince your girlfriend?

just don't!! leave her alone and let her decide when she wants to have sex with you, it's her choice not yours. you would do this if you genuinely cared for her and if you don

How do you convince your girlfriend that she is a good girlfriend?

Just enjoy her company, be friendly and faithful. Treat her with respect and as a partner in the relationship. Words won't do it.. Don't just charm her and make promises you

How can you convince your girlfriend?

well it depends if she istraditional or not. if she wants to wait to marriage then don't try to convince her. if not then try to serenade her. to do that do sweet romantic thi