How can we get a Kisan credit card?

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One may apply for a Kisan credit card at any one of the participating banks (see below; choose one nearest you). In order to do so, one will need to provide information regarding including:

* Personal Information (including name, income, education, profession, etc.)
* Types of land owned and used for farming (including size, survey, irrigation, value, etc.)
* Types of crops cultivated (including seasons, cost, production, value, profit, etc.)
* Existing creditors (including institution names, balances, reasoning, etc.)
* Reasons for applying for a Kisan credit card
* Personal information of any joint borrower(s) to be included on application

The banks currently engaged in the scheme include the following:

* Allahabad Bank - Kisan Credit Card (KCC)
* Andhra Bank - AB Kisan Green Card
* Bank of Baroda - BKCC
* Bank of India - Kisan Samadhan Card
* Canara Bank - KCC
* Corporation Bank - KCC
* Dena Bank - Kisan Gold Credit Card
* Oriental Bank of Commerce -Oriental Green Card (OGC)
* Punjab National bank - PNB Krishi Card
* State Bank of Hyderabad -KCC
* State Bank of India -KCC
* Syndicate Bank -SKCC
* Vijaya Bank -Vijaya Kisan Card
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