How can the word ''perpetrator'' be used in a sentence?

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As a noun.
The perpetrator quietly stalked away under the cover of darkness.
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What is a sentence using the word us?

The firemen came to save us from the fire. You must tell us what happened last night. The principal saw us as we were leaving school.

What is a sentence using the word precedents?

(A precedent is a previous case that sets an example, notably in law. The plural is precedents, which should not be confused with the homophone precedence , which is the stat

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Collusion between the hauling companies let them keep their prices artificially high. The government charged that there was collusion between the state agencies and the banks

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At the Christmas party she was dressed very extravagantly compared to others that were there.

How you use the word deviation in a sentence?

When a sample size is too small, a single big deviation from the other samples can significantly affect their average. My mom is not a spontaneous person, so any unforeseeabl