How can a teenage girl keep her parents from finding out she is pregnant?

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You shouldn't hide it! Its a blessing. If you where woman enough to open your legs you should be woman enough to tell your parents.
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Why do teenage girls get pregnant?

Well, most of the time, they don't do it on purpose. Either they don't know the facts about sex and birth control, and they mistakenly believe they can't get pregnant when th

Why do teenage girls want to get pregnant?

Girls want a family as much as guys want new cars. They look very nice from the window but 9 times out of 10 when there's something that needs to be fixed it gets put off. Si

Can a father sue if a girl is pregnant with his baby and the girls parents are keeping him from her and the baby?

If you live in the US, at this point there's nothing he can do. After the child is born he has the right to go to court (if it's necessary) to establish paternity and obtain

Why do teenagers fear their parents when pregnant?

The reason to this is most likly becase the teen is probably still in shock and also fears that the parent(s) will shun them. Addendum: The "fear" others may perceive is

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her period?

A woman of any age could get pregnant as a result of sex duringmenstruation. A woman can only get pregnant if she has sex during the fertilephase of her menstrual cycle; when
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What are the rights of the parents of a 14 year old pregnant girl when she decides to keep the baby?

That varies from state to state. . In pretty much all cases the pregnant teen can decide to keep the baby and cannot be compelled to terminate the pregnancy. Most states will