How are us navy dolphins similar to Russian navy dolphins?

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both are used for scientific research
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What do the US navy do?

For starters, it all depends on the job you take. AO's deal with the bombs, ammo, etc. AME's are the ejection seats. AM's deal with hyds and shocks. However you can be told yo

What are Navy Dolphins?

Dolphins are the symbol of the submariners. Officers that meet the requirements earn the gold dolphins. Enlisted personnel can earn the silver dolphins..

How do you get into the US Navy?

You contact your local recruiter, and they'll run you through the specifics. Simply talking to a recruiter does not obligate you to join the military.

Is Britain's navy stronger than the Russian navy?

The second strongest navy in the World is the Russian Navy. Britain doesn't even come close. The Royal Navy is currently ranked 6 in the World. In gross tons and number of shi

What is the Russian navy called?

The Russian Navy (Russian : Военно-морской Флот Российской ФедерациÐ
In US Navy

Where is the US navy?

They operate worldwide and have multiple bases like the Army. Mostpersonael are on ships and subs