How Many Times Will Jesus Come Back?

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Twice. He already came back the first time to pay for our sins by being the perfect sacrifice. And he will come back again during the times of revelation to call the saved back home, this is when the rapture happens. He appears in the clouds and blows a trumpet basically. And then after another 7 years, he has an epic battle with satan, and then establishes a new heaven on earth for the saved to live on for 1000 years and so on and so forth~ If that helped any.. Basically, the first time he comes back, already happened. and then after the second time, the earth is remade and he "lives" on earth from that point forward.

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According to the Scripture, Christ will return at the blowing of the 7th trumpet during the 'tribulation' period (whole event takes 3 1/2 years). It will be known world-wide and will be only once. He will meet His Saints in the sky (heaven) and they will escort their King to the soon future home of the entire God Family. The Millennial rule begins.


To come back, someone has to first leave. Christ became man, was crucified, resurrected, and returned to heaven.

Christ returns to Earth twice.

  • The first time is the Rapture . This is when Christ returns and all christian and old-Testament "pre-christians" meet him in the air. He comes for His Church . He does not come for the world. HE DOES NOT TOUCH THE EARTH.

  • The second time is the Second Coming. This is when Christ returns at the end of the Tribulation and actually stands on the very Mount of Olives. He comes to the earth in Judgement. This time HE DOES TOUCH THE EARTH.

Do not confuse the two Returns : they are both separate events for separate groups with separate purposes . and separate results - they are not the same.
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