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Have there been any lawyers who are or were US Supreme Court justices?

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All 112 justices in the history of the US Supreme Court (as of 2011) have been lawyers.
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Have there ever been any foreign-born US Supreme Court justices?

Yes. Unlike its requirement that the President be a "natural born" citizen, and the Senators and Representatives be at least "naturalized," the Constitution is silent on the c

How many minorities have been US Supreme Court justices?

Well, before anyone can answer that, we need to know "How are you defining 'minorities'?" Women ? (who technically aren't a minority) Blacks? Hispanics? But how about "Jewish"

Have there always been nine justices on the US Supreme Court?

No. Congress has changed the number of justices on the US Supreme Court nine times in the history of the Court. This does not include years when vacancies were unfilled, redu

Which US Supreme Court Justices were not lawyers?

Answer All 112 past and present Supreme Court Justices have held law degrees or have been admitted to the bar at some point before being appointed the bench. Those who serv

How many US Supreme Court Justices have been from Minnesota?

Three US Supreme Court justices were Minnesotans: Pierce Butler................................1923-1939..........Harding Warren Burger (Chief Justice)........1969-1986..

Has any justice been removed from the US Supreme Court?

Yes and no. The only justice ever removed involuntarily from the Supreme Court was John Rutledge, whose recess appointment (an appointment where the "advice and consent" of th

Does a US Supreme Court justice have to be a lawyer?

The technical answer is no , there are no Constitutional or legislative qualifications for US Supreme Court justices. All 112 past and present Supreme Court justices have b

Can anyone serve as a US Supreme Court justice even if he or she is not a lawyer?

The Constitution has no specific requirements to be appointed to the Supreme Court. However, most Presidents have appointed judges who have had previous legal experience. Many

Have all US Supreme Court justices been lawyers?

Yes. Although this is not a Constitutional or statutory requirement, Supreme Court justices need a solid understanding of the law to operate effectively. Not all justices atte

When can US Supreme Court justices question lawyers?

The US Supreme Court justices question the attorneys representing the parties to a case during oral arguments . Each attorney has 30 minutes to present his or her reason the

Has any US Supreme Court Justice ever been elected President of the US?

William Howard Taft was elected President in 1908, and served a single term in the White House, from 1909-1913. He was later appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wh

How many US Supreme Court justices have been women?

Four . There have only been four women, total, on the US Supreme Court in the nation's history. President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor as the first female justice in 1
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How many US Supreme Court justices have been Jewish?

There have only been eight Jewish members of of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Court's history. The first, Louis Brandeis, was appointed by Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Three member