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Has your hamster broken her leg if she is holding it up and putting it down every few steps?

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Your hamster could have got a bad sprain or a bad bruise. Feel around her leg and if you feel a broken bone, bring it to the vet. Only the vet can deal with tiny broken bones. If you don't feel anything broken, then the only answer could be a sprain or bruise. The most common reason is the wheel. If it is an open-barred wheel (it has holes in it) the hamster could have tripped on one of the holes and bruised the leg. Get a closed hamster wheel and make an appointment for the vet. Just to make sure.
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Does a broken leg hurt a hamster?

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Can my hamster survive with a broken leg?

Yes, the hamster can survive. If you are able, it is best to take it to a vet. The vet can sometimes help move the bone back into place, and give it medicine to prevent an inf

What do you do with a hamster that has broken back legs?

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Do hamsters die if they have a broken leg?

if you belive he wont die, he wont. but if you lose hope and belive itll die, yes it will die! once my hamster threw up blood and was dying, but i belived that he could surviv

Do hamsters how do you know if your hamsters leg is broken?

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What should you do if your hamster has a broken leg?

If a hamsters leg is broken it will be in extreme pain, and can damage its leg further every time it moves, as the edges of the bone will grate on each other and may cut and b

Should you hold your hamster if he has got a broken leg?

You should handle an injured hamster as little as possible, If the leg is broken, movement will hurt I, as the edges of the bone will grate on each other and may cut and bruis