Has the system of separate institutuions sharing powers protected liberty and promoted equality as the Framers envisioned it would?

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Why did the framers separate the power of government?

The power of government is divided into three branches so that each one can focus on a specific task for which it was designed (making laws, enforcing laws, and judging laws).

Who promoted the concept of separation of powers?

Montesquieu While Locke proposed separating government into a legislative branch that made law and an executive branch charged with implementing the law, Montesquieu added a

How did the framers protect liberty and specify its powers?

The framers were considered "the best people" in the country they wrote the Constitution and made sure Liberty was kept by keeping the country together and making it fair for

Why did the Framers separate the powers of your government?

The Framers did so because of the power being shared they didn't want anything being unfair between powers,and they also didn't want to much power going somewhere specific bec

Explain how the American System of the separation of powers is actually 'shared' powers?

The American Government System is shared powers because all of the branches have power over another branch. For example, The Congress (legislative) can make a law. Then it cou