Government HD converter box coupon application telephone number?

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The digital boxes are NOT for hd converters. They are $40 coupons designed to provide those households hooked up to an antenna or rabbit ears to receive the digital signal via the converter box. They convert the digital back into analog signals so older televisions can receive the "over the air" broadcasts only. Households can request up to two coupons , but since they are limited, please don't order them if you have a pay service. The boxes are scheduled to be priced between 50 and 70 dollars each and should be sold in Walmarts, kmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. To order call 1888 388 2009 or go online to
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How do you find the telephone number to a P O Box?

Answer . P O Box means it is just a box at the local post office in that zip code. Only phone number you would find searching that is for the US Postal Service. They cannot

How do you apply for a government coupon to buy an HDTV converter?

I believe that's being offered by the FCC. It's a $40.00 coupon fora set-top converter to convert the digital channels to analogformat for the older TV's. Try looking up the

Are coupons for converter boxes free?

Yes. See the web links section of this question for a link to the website where you can apply for free converter box coupons.

What is the government coupon for tv convert boxes?

it is a red card provided by the govt that ihas a value of 40 dollars and you can only use to buy a converter box on authorized retailer, most of the converter boxest cost bet

Digital tv converter box coupon expired?

Call 'em and get another one. They know that messed up when they started and should be trying to make good with their coupons. You've got nothing to lose except a few minute

Can you use old antena with converter box to get HD on your anolog tv?

For most people, their old antenna will work just fine. Don't let the people at the electronics store fool you, there is no such thing as an "HD antenna." There is nothing

How do you convert an HD Capable TV into HD?

HD capable, or HD ready televisions are, as their description suggests, ready to display HD. The term means that the television will accept and display any HD source that it

Where can you get a coupon for a free converter box?

The government CECB program has expired so there are no more vouchers available to purchase converter boxes. Converter boxes are relatively inexpensive though, costing less
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When did ABC convert over to HD?

Late 2005 is when the American Broadcasting Corporation began HD broadcasting. The ABC morning show "Good Morning America" was the first show to be broadcast in HD on national
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What does a HD converter box do?

There is only one thing an HD converter box does for a television. A converter box make the specs on a television more clearer. This box creates a better picture for the vie