Good effect of british rule to India?

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Britain introduced a lot of good things to India- democracy, for one thing. Before British rule, India was governed by the Mughal Emperors, who were effectively dictators. The British introduced a system of multi-party democracy for India's various state councils and regional legislatures, whereby the people's representatives were elected by popular vote. In this respect, they were actually more democratic than Mahatma Gandhi, who sought to deprive the 'Untouchable' classes of enfranchisement following Independence. Britain also introduced a modern, Western-style infrastructure to all aspects and levels of Indian affairs, which was far more efficient and sophisticated than the creaky, monolithic systems of the Mughal period. Administration improved at all levels of society. The British legal system was an improvement on what had gone before, as was the military infrastructure and health care system. Britain also provided India with modern technology, such as the railway network, electricity and, later, air transport. In short, Britain brought India into the modern world of the 19th / 20th Centuries, raising it from the Mediaeval trough of feudal domination it had been languishing in beforehand, and creating a new, humane and advanced system of running a nation. The British also abolished some of the barbaric practices that were rife beforehand, such as that of burning a man's wife to death when he himself died.
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In India

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It modernized the nation. Infrastructure (railroads, modern roads,bridges), electricity, and telegraphs were brought to India by theBritish. Proof of benefits of British rule