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Phrase is not a sentence as it does not have subject and verb. It is a group of related words. Depending on the presence of different parts of speech with associated modifiers the phrase can be of different types such as noun phrase, adjectival phrase, adverbial phrase, prepositional phrase, appositive phrase and absolute phrase. An example of an absolute phrase in sentence: Having travelled widely, John is aware of geography of many countries in Europe.
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Example of-phrase sentence?

A sentence gives a complete thought, with a subject and verb. A phrase is a sequence of words intended to have meaning.

What are 10 examples of phrases and sentences?

These are sentences, they have a subject and a verb: The boys like ice cream After the game we went to Jon's house The dog chased the cat down the road His speech was terrible

What is an example of a verb phrase sentence?

The verb phrase may contain one verb (simple): Richard came yesterday. Or more than one verb (complex): Richard is coming today. English also has auxiliary verb

Give examples of 5 sentences with preposition phrase?

Between you and me, this movie wasn't worth the money I paid forthe ticket. Each of these burritos comes with guacamole. The husband danced with his wife. The speech motivated