Generally how high and how fast do airplanes travel?

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A typical commercial aircraft will travel at around 35,000 feet and will be moving at an airspeed of roughly 500-550 miles per hour, depending on the plane.
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How fast is a airplane?

No airplane goes faster than the speed of sound wich is 1000km per hour due to safety reasons.

How fast does a typical airplane have to travel for take off?

Generally it depends on the weight of the airplane. Light airplane like Cessna 172 can take off at about 60mph, heavy airplane like Boeing 747 needs 180mph to get airborne!

How fast can a airplane travel?

Different planes travel at different speeds. They range from aprox. 280 mph to 2200 mph. Here's a record chart. Insect. Australian Dragonfly 36 mph (58 km/h) n/a . Bir

How fast do airplanes travel from Chiangmai to Bangkok?

Gulfstream V can make the trip in 1:06 a lot of comercial airlines fly bangkok to chiangmai thailands second city flights take just over the hour costs around 50 USD chiangma

How High do airplanes travel?

Commercial jets usually fly at 10,000 metres.\nHow high can planes fly? It gets technical:\n. \n. \nA manned air-breathing jet aircraft following an uncontrolled ballistic t

How fast and high does a 747 Airplane fly?

normally, a 747 flies about 500 knots, or 580 mph, at about 33,000 ft. depending on the weight, it normally flies between FL290 and FL410. it is certified for 45,100'. (the sp

Why is the airplane fast?

Airplanes are fast because it has to fly through gravity at full force. If the plane goes very slow at 35,000 feet, It will plunge straight to the ground in a matter of second