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Forces that sculpture the earth's surface?

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I think it is the force created by the nature or natural forces.Such as the volcanic eruption,running water,wind and erosion.
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What forces change earth's surface?

In order of Amount of effect    Wind  Water fall and flow  Water ice expansion  volcanic and tectonicthermochemical Reactions    Simple weight of high structure

What is the force of gravity on the earth's surface?

The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Earth is about 9.8m/s2. That's the same for all objects and doesn't depend on the mass of the object. However, the force o

What forces magma to Earth's surface?

Generally, its higher temperature. The temperature of a rising magma is generally higher than the temperature of its surrounding rocks. Because of its higher temperature, it i

How do destructive forces affect earth's surface?

Destructive forces affect the Earth because a destructive force is a process in which Earth's landforms are broken down by: weathering, erosion, landslides, volcanic eruptions