For some one who worked overseas and returning as unemployed or self employed what real service oriented medical insurance do you recommend?

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Although we cannot recommend specific insurance companies, we recommend you contact your state's insurance commission to learn of approved companies. The fallout of the current Congressional action on Health Reform program may change the makeup of current insurers also.
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Can an employer use the working spouse rule to force a self-employed spouse to get her own health insurance when the premiums would exceed her income?

No, Working Spouse Rule If both you and your spouse work for Vought Aircraft, one of you can opt out of medical and dental coverage and the other spouse can cover both of you.

What services do you get with no medical insurance?

Answer . \nThey can diagnose you, but they will not be able to prescribe you any meds for your condition. My nephew had this happen to him, no insurance and a low paying

Self-employed tax returns?

Same as any other...the source of the income is different. Some different things may be applicable to fill out.... Those that are self-employed will have to pay self-employme

Do you still get income tax returnes when your self employed?

Of course you must file returns. You will also most likely get forms called a 1099 from some of those who paid you or you brought from, which essentially show your in busine

What are the working conditions for an artist who is self employed?

ANSWER from kezzart everyone is different, for me i am a fantasy fairy portrait artist, photographer, and illustrator - i work from home in one half of my daughters bedroom

Your daughter is employed but has no medical insurance and needs emergency medical care for a ovarian cyst how can she apply for Medicare or medicaid through social services?

Yes. Medicare/Medicaid is provided based on income and family size, not on employment status.. However, consider this:. If this is truly an emerency treatment, she would be

Self employed but no liability insurance?

I sell window coverings from my home. I do not have customers come to my home, but I do go to theres to measure their windows and show them products. I live in Utah. Am I requ

You were self employed for 3 months do you need to do a tax return?

For tax year 2009 tax return that you will file in the year of 2010. Generally a person who is self-employed must file a tax return if their net earnings from self employmen