Explain three major effects of technology on everyday living?

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Computers, increased pace of living, and replacement of human services are three major effects of technology on everyday living.

How does new technologies helps everyday living?

Technology is the set of things the humanity (or a portion of it) can do to modify the way things are going naturally. They are so supposed to help us in our living.. Using

Three ways that space technology is a benefit to everyday life?

transportation: stop lights Medicine: treat heart disease (helps make pacemakers) Law enforcement: special cameras help police read blurry lisence plates in pictures I GOT

What major effect did the transistor have on technology?

The transistor gave the technology world a huge boost, which is what originally started up modern computers today which use 32nanometer transistors that switch to 1 and to 0.

What effect did the Depression have on the everyday lives of people?

A great majority of America's " everyday citizens" lost all faith in the Banking Industry. Sadly, when the stock market crashed, US banks took a big hit. Banks utilize the mon