Explain the role of a fashion designer in the fashion industry?

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A fashion designer designs fashion. With out a fashion designer, there would be no fashion, no clothes. Basicly, they design an outfit that a company will maufacture or, the designer will compose the outfit they made. so that either the model can wear it, or every day people. and there is more than one kind of fashion designer.
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What is the role of a fashion designer in the apparel industry?

well Being a fashion designer means knowing the understanding of:. - the personal qualities required to become a fashion designer. - the practical aspects of finding the rig

Definition of fashion and fashion design?

Fashion-is clothing and a style that you and other people may have, or precieve to be cool or "IN".. Fashion Design- is creating (sewing) new clothing desgins and selling, an

Explain the role of a fashion designer in athe fashion industry?

a very good fashion designer can through his creative ideas in athe fashion industry. He can produced comfortable dresses by using soft materials in good looking combination.

What is the role of a sample maker in the fashion industry?

A sample maker is paramount in fashion industry. Since the samples they produce must be approved by the fashion creative directors and designers prior to mass production. A sa

What is the role of a tend spotter in the fashion industry?

As the name implies, trend spotters make it their job to identify upcoming trends, designs, designers, patterns, accessories, concepts, etc. and bring those ideas and trends t

What is the role of a computer in fashion design?

In the world of fashion design, computers are used for a wide variety of things. In the actual design process however, the are most commonly used as drawing pallets and editor

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Fashion is an art form to which we are dealing day by dayespecially in clothing, makeup,different accessories etc..etc. andFashion design is a dedicated process of creation cl