Explain how does water's high heat capacity influences the earth's climate?

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It evens out the temperatures. By absorbing heat energy in the summer, and releases it during winter. The same also happens during summerdays and summernights, keeping the days cooler and the nights warmer.
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Does plastic have high heat capacity?

Well, this would depend on the type of plastic, as plastics are synthetic materials they vary tremendously in their chemical compositions. Most plastics however have quite a low heat capacity and in general plastic insulating materials have volumetric heat capacities of ~0.130x10^6 J/m^3*K (@20deg C) or lower. In addition they have low thermal conductivities of 0.03 W/mK (only 0.005 higher then air!). Hope this helped if you were still looking for your answer. [Disclaimer: This post is purely for educational purposes and should not be taken as precise scientific measurements. In other words don't use this information to try to build something that might explode if this answer is not completely accurate.]

What is high specific heat capacity?

A substance with a high specific heat capacity is one that needs a lot of heat energy pumped into it in order to raise its temperature. Substances with relatively high specific heat capacities include water, rock, and potatoes.

What is an example of water's high specific heat capacity?

High Heat Capacity of Water ·* Because most organisms on this planet are mostly made up ofwater, it is important that water has a high heat capacity becauseit enables organisms to resist drastic temperature changes. · *Another example of the high heat capacity of water is how the waterin ponds and lakes acts when the weather changes. When it gets hot,the water does not boil because of this high heat capacity. Hope this helps! XD

High specific heat capacity?

High Specific Heat Capacity is when a substance takes a long period of time to heat up, and cool down. Example: A hot sandy beach. It takes about 12 hours to heat the beach to a reasonable temperature. But would take 12 hours to cool down, the shore line cools faster because the water hits the hot sand and absorbs the heat and causes evaporation.

Applications of water's high specific heat capacity?

1. Fomentation: Hot water bottles are used for fomentation, as the water remains hot in the bottle for a long time in spite of giving off large quantities of heat. 2. Car radiators: Water is used as coolant car radiators. Due to its high specific heat capacity, it can absorb a large amount of heat energy from the engine of the car, but its temperature does not rise too high. 3. Bottled Wines: In cold countries, wine bottles re kept under water. Due to the high specific heat capacity of water, it takes a long time for the temperature to fall to 0 0 C. 4. Land and sea breezes: The specific heat capacity of water is about five times more than that of sand. It therefore, takes a much longer time to heat and to cool with respect to sand. During the day, the land cools faster than the sea. The hot air from the sea rises while the cool air from the sea moves to take its place, giving rise to a sea breeze. During the night, the land cools faster than the sea. The hot air from the land moves to take its place, giving rise to a land breeze. 5. Cooking utensils Cooking utensils are made of metal which has low specific heat capacity so that it need less heat to raise up the temperature. Handles of cooking utensils are made of substances with high specific heat capacities so that its temperature won't become too high even if it absorbs large amount of heat. 6. Protection of crops : Farmers generally fill their field with water during winter season at night to protect the crops from frost. In the absence of water, if on a cold night the temperature of the surroundings fall below 0 0 C, then the veins of the plants shall freeze. Due to anomalous expansion of water, ice shall occupy more volume than water. as a result of this expansion, veins shall burst and crops shall be destroyed. But water sprinkled on the crops shall not allow the temperature of the veins to fall below 0 0 C.

What is one extraterrestrial influence on Earth's climate?

The sun. Other than the sun and the moon (gravity pull of the moon create the tides) though, the options are limited. Larger celestial bodies such as asteroids can have a significant effect on earths climate, but to my knowledge this has not happened in modern times.