Explain at least three benefits of the free enterprise system?

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1. Profit Motive
The drive for the improvement of material well-being.

2. Open opportunity
The ability for anyone to compete in the marketplace.

3. Legal equality
Equal rights to all.
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What is the free enterprise system?

The free enterprise system in the United States developed soonafter the country gained its independence. This is a system thatallows people or entities to establish their own

What is the definition for free enterprise system?

A free enterprise system is when individuals and businesses arefree to make their own economic choices; when more than one companycan sell the same product/service and still s

Describe at least two benefits of using enterprise systems?

Enterprise systems integrate the firm's key business processes in sales, production, finance, logistics, and human resources into a single software system so that information

What is the free enterprise system built on?

The free enterprise system is built on the idea that individual people have the right to run businesses to make a profit with limited government interference and regulation.