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hard to get whether you need data on the US embassy in the Philippines or vice versa.
give you 2 variants ;-)
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What is the email address of the US Embassy in Manila?

The contact details of the US Embassy in Manila can be found at the link below. There are telephone numbers and fax numbers, but not email addresses. You could ring the Consul

Looking for an email address of the American Embassy in manilla?

American Embassy Manila Contact Information Email Addresses: OFFICE ADDRESS Embassy of the United States of America 1201 Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Ma

What is the address of the Philippine Embassy in the US?

The mailing address of the Philippine Embassy to the USA is: Embassy of the Philippines 1600 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20036. The Consular Section in Was

Is there a Syria consulate embassy in manila?

Yes there is a Syrian Honorary Consulate in Makati - Manila You can call this number to get the address direction +632-8453041 or you can take a taxi to the following ad

What is the address to Brazil US embassy in Brazil?

Embassy & Consulates: U.S. Embassy SES - Av. das Nações, Quadra 801, Lote 03 70403-900 - Brasília, DF Phone: (55-61) 3312-7000 Fax: (55-61) 3225-9136 Hour

How do you keep an email address from emailing us?

For almost all spam, mark it as spam and ignore it. Do not answer it. IF it is from an edu, gov, or com which is in the United States, you can go to their website. Look for