Effects of visual pollution?

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1.people wanting to go to those places but its writting up all over.
2.not knowing what the drawings mean.
4.polices seeing them doing it and not doing anything at all about it.
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Consequences of visual pollution?

Visual pollution can negatively impact the economy of a region. Themere sight of some visually polluted areas is enough to drivepeople out.

What is the solution of visual of pollution?

one solution for visual pollution is to reduce to drawings of graffitiesother one can be to dont put many posters or paintings in one place all toguetheri hope my answer help

Causes of visual pollution?

visual pollution is caused in many ways e.g: untidy dressed individuals dilapidated structures littered surroundings.

What causes visual pollution?

Sources of visual pollution: . Power lines . Construction areas . Billboards and advertising . Neglected areas or objects such as polluted vacant fields or abandoned build

What are some examples of visual pollution?

Visual Pollution is considered to be any type of man-made construction that is unattractive which affects a person's ability to enjoy a view or other aesthetically pleasing ob

What is the sollution of visual pollution?

The solution for visual pollution is to do your part to clean it up. Do not wait for governments or your neighbor to clean up the pollution for you. If you cannot legally cl