Does workers comp pay 100 percent of regular wages?

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Not in any state I know of. The usual rate is 60% of base pay.
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How much pay will you get when on workers comp for surgery?

Answer . For Maryland it's 70% of pay, tax free. \n. \nI do believe it depends on state law. I know that in Maryland the first 3 days of injury Workers Compensation will n

Does workers comp have to pay for your mileage to the doctor?

Answer Yes. You need to keep track of your mileage and it is supposed to be reimbursed. Does that include all doctors visits, specialists visits, Physical Therapy sessions &

What does workers comp pay in Virginia?

Wage Replacement (Temporary total or partial) . While temporarily unable to perform any work, an employee is entitled to 2/3 of his or her gross average weekly wage up to a s

Do you have to pay workers comp if you pay for your employees medical insurance?

Certainly. Med insurance EXCLUDES paying for workplace injuries. Offering WC means that employees can never sue for injuries, claiming employer neglignece. No million dollar s

Does an employer have to pay an employee wages and mileage to go to the doctor if it is workers comp claim?

The worker's comp law is slightly different in each state.Basically if an employee is injured in the course and scope oftheir work, they are entitled to having the cost of med