Does urine stop pain in bee stings?

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No..that's an old wifes tale. Try some insect bite creams from the RX drug store. Never heard of that. I have heard of making a paste of tenderizer and a small amount of water to put on a sting. Also baking soda paste.

Absolutely! It is not a wife's tale at all. When I was young and we were working out in the woods and got stung, the first thing we did is pee on it. I think it is the amonia in the urine. These other guys that answered are city people. It is country people that know about this home remedy.
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What do you do if a man with a bee stings stop breathing?

If a person has problems with breathing after a sting by a bee or any other insect, he could be suffering from anaphylactic shock and needs very urgent medical care. Fir

How do you stop the pain from a hornet sting?

You can put meat tenderizer on it, which neutralizes the venom in insect stings. Use the kind of meat tenderizer that contains papaya extract, an enzyme that breaks down prote

How do you stop the itch in a bee sting?

You get cream from the doctor's office and put it on the bee sting. Calamine lotion works well too. And rub the bitten site immediately with a piece of iron preferrable k

Is the sting of wool carder bee painful?

I've been studying and working with the wool-carder bee for 3years. Never been stung. Females are very non-aggressive and willusually just try and get out of your way. Males a
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What can you do to stop the pain from a wasp sting?

Not a lot. If you're allergic, you need to go to an emergency roomor call poison control. If not, you should carefully remove thestinger (be careful not to squeeze the venom s