Does tobacco come out on a drug test?

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The "tobacco test" looks for the chemical cotinine, which is produced when you metabolize nicotine. It's pretty easy to test for, but there aren't many reasons to test for a legal drug. I've heard of companies that don't let their employees smoke--Scotts Miracle-Gro is one. They test for cotinine. Life insurance companies (rates are lower for nonsmokers) could test for it. If you're a juvenile on probation and one of the conditions is you can't smoke, they would probably test for it. For most people, though, it's not worth the cost of the test.
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Does tobacco show up on a drug test?

Relax. They will be testing for illegal drugs. Tobacco is stilllegal. Whatever you say, but my workplace has a no-nicotine policy, anddoes random drug testing for nicotine --

Does a urine drug test detect tobacco use?

Typically urine tests are used to detect minuscule amounts of metabolites from illegal drugs, however there are tests for nicotine use. Nicotine is a drug and is no different

Can different tobacco types show up on drug test?

no why would tobacco show up in the first place all it has is chemicals no drugs unless you count nicotine but that isn't illegal so why would it show up on a drug test but y

Does chewing tobacco show on urine drug tests?

Nicotine and Cotinine (nicotine metabolite) can be detected by urine, saliva, hair and blood tests but they are not tested for in basic or extended urinalysis tests. Detection

Can tobacco make you fail a drug test?

Tobacco is not typically looked for on drug tests. Some emloyers are testing for it now, in states where it is legal to refuse to hire or continue to employe smokers. Sometime

Can tobacco be picked up in a drug test?

I'll assume the fact that you're even worried about tobacco is that you're underage, so you probably don't know better but no, why would they? It's not illegal. No home or la